Hawghunters is always looking for new OWNERS and CO-ANGLERS. You don’t need a boat to join! An OWNER has a boat and fishes off the bow, a CO-ANGLER (RIDER) is a non-boat owner who fishes of the back of an OWNER'S boat.

Membership into Hawghunters of Allentown is simple. In order to apply for membership, one must simply attend a meeting and express an interest in becoming a Hawghunter. The requirements for membership are:

(a) Demonstrate a genuine interest in learning and teaching the sport of bass fishing

(b) Attend 3 (three) consecutive meetings

(c) Fish one tournament

(d) Pay your dues

When joining HOA you will actually be joining four organizations. HOA is affiliated with the PA Bass Federation, The Bass Federation (National) and Major League Fishing.

HOA benefits include the ability to fish club tournaments for tournament win trophies, lunker of the year trophies and qualification to the PA Bass Federation Eastern Regional Tournament.

PA Bass Federation Benefits include the ability to fish district tournaments, MR. BASS and advance to the State Championship as well as discounts from the state sponsorships.

Our club meets at Stahley’s Cellarette at 1826 Hanover Ave., Allentown, PA on the first Sunday of every month at 7:00pm (except for Holidays and the Super Bowl) and is open to any person wishing to attend.